Doctors Remove 140 lb. Tumor

Roger Logan had steadily gained weight over the past 12 years. The Mississippi man went to see several local doctors who all told him the same thing. You are just fat.

Mr. Logan knew there was something else going on inside his body.

After 5 years of searching for a doctor to help him, Mr. Logan and his wife found a specialist in California that agreed to examine him. 

Mr. Logan and his wife bolted his recliner to the bed of their van and made the long drive to Cali.

After a few tests and an ultrasound scan the doctors were able to determine that Mr. Logan's weight gain was not fat, but a 140 lb. a tumor that started out as an ingrown hair on his stomach.

Doctors removed the 140 lb. growth and a few days after the surgery Mr. Logan was able to walk for the first time in years.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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