NYC These Buds Are For You

The days of the 3 Martini lunches are done. Move over booze, today's young professionals are blazing up doobies to get through the daily grind.

According to an August Gallup poll, marijuana usage by adults has risen from 7% in 2013 to 13% in 2016.  The rise in marijuana consumption is credited to the 8 states that legalized the recreational use of the drug and the increased acceptance by the medical community

.New Yorkers were asked about their use of the drug and agreed to answer as long as they could remain anonymous.

A TV News producer in NYC said he works between 60 and 80 hours per week and weed helps him cope with the pressures of his job.

A teacher in an NYC public school said it's a good thing the city education officials don't randomly test school employees; if they did they'd end up firing about 85% of the staff.

A Manhattan mother said she and her friends lite up during their daughters' play-dates, saying that it's no different than sharing a bottle of wine.

An NYPD officer described his fiancee as the most functional pothead he's ever met.

In another Gallup poll released in October, 60% of Americans said they support the use of marijuana.

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