Bar Room Brawl Turns Into Uber Drive By

Pittsburgh police responded to a call of shots fired outside of ‘The Lit Club’ early Sunday morning.

When police arrived on the scene they found one man lying in the street dead from a gunshot wound, the second man had been driven away by an Uber car.

Witnesses from inside the nightclub told police they saw Derick Vasos and Donald Ketter Jr. arguing inside the club shortly before the shooting.

Once outside, Donald Ketter Jr. allegedly stood in front of the Uber car and taunted Derick Vasos to get out and fight.

As the Uber car pulled away from the scene Vasos allegedly fired a shot out the window and ordered the Uber driver to flee the scene.

Pittsburgh Police sent out a description of the car and soon apprehended Vasos.

The Uber driver, who remained anonymous, told police that he saw Vasos shoot Kettler in the chest before being ordered to flee by his armed passenger.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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