Why Your Favorite Bodega Might Be Closed Today

After New York City yellow cab drivers went on strike this weekend in protest of President Trump's executive order on immigration, a second city industry largely run by immigrants is planning a strike.

Yemeni-run grocery stores across New York City will be closed from noon to 8 p.m. in protest of the immigration ban, reports BuzzFeed News

Organizers of the ban say more than 1,000 stores in the five boroughs are participating.

Many Yemeni Americans have family members still applying for residency in the United States; their visas are now on hold as a result of Trump's order.

A statement on Facebook by the group's organizers said the grocery stores run by Yemeni-American families are a massive part of New York City.

Store owners will reportedly spend extra time with their families during the protest.

Later Thursday evening, protesters will gather at Brooklyn Borough Hall to talk about how the ban has affected their families and loved ones.

Photo: Getty Images

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