Kerik blasts DeBlasio over Harlem cop dousing

Former New York City Police Department Commissioner Bernard Kerik told 710-WOR on Tuesday that the dousing of water on police officers in Harlem and Brooklyn would "never, ever have happened" if he and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani were in charge while blasting current New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio for creating an atmosphere of "anti-cop rhetoric." 

The Harlem incident, captured on cell phone video that has since gone viral, have sparked outrage throughout the city. One officer was completely doused with a full bucket of water, while another officer making an arrest had a bucket thrown at him, striking him in the head.

Both officers did not react when doused and struck, respectively.

Kerik told "WOR Tonight" hosts Joe Concha and Cooper Lawrence he would have sent a team of officers back into the areas where the incidents occurred "to hunt down the people that did it" in an effort to bring accountability. 

"Well, I would have had a team out there [Tuesday] night looking for the people that did this," Kerik said in a phone interview when asked what he would have done if still commissioner. 

"In fact, I'll be honest, when I was police commissioner, that would have never happened," he continued. "[Former New York Mayor] Rudy Giuliani would never ever have allowed that to happen. This wouldn't have happened and if it did by some strange chance, I promise you, I would have sent a team out there to hunt down the people that did it and hold them accountable."

Kerik also blasted current mayor and 2020 presidential candidate Bill DeBlasio in laying all responsibility at the 2020 Democratic hopeful's feet. 

"It's 100 percent the Mayor’s doing. Its 100 percent the Mayor’s responsibility," Kerik said. "They [the NYPD] work for an anti-cop promoting rhetoric. 

"This guy has been like this since he’s been in office, he’s out there running for president all over the country when he should be in New York City he should have been outraged yesterday. [Tuesday] morning, based on what I saw yesterday, it’s not done," he added. 

"It's just sickening this isn’t just NYC this is country-widen where you have city mayors, where you have governors where you have this left-wing democratic mentality that promotes this anti-cop stuff that's going on since Ferguson...and that’s what we’re seeing," Kerik concluded while arguing anti-police rhetoric has morphed into a national problem.

No arrests have been made as of Tuesday night.

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