WATCH: The WOR Mets booth sings a song about Hadji the cat

While former Mets star and now TV broadcaster Keith Hernandez recently signed on to Twitter, it’s his gray Bengal cat Hadji that seems to be the star. Fans can’t get enough of the feline. 

Hernandez admits his twitter feed exploded after he posted a video of Hadji (sitting on his shoulder) while he walked to get the morning newspaper. 

Apparently, Hadji also has fans inside the Mets announcer booth. Howie Rose, Josh Lewin and Wayne Randazzo told WOR’s Lisa G. they had the “purrfect” tune to celebrate Hadji and knew it was “meow or never” to sing it. 

Lewin, an accomplished pianist, took the lead and led the quartet in a Hadji sing-a-long like you’ve never seen (or heard) before. 


WOR Hadji Song