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Why Does Twitter Want My 86 Year-old Grandpa To Die?

Joe Curci is the Executive Producer for the New York Mets and the WOR Sports Zone at 710 WOR.

It all started on Sunday when I went to the hospital to visit my 86 year-old grandfather. He suffered the third heart attack of his life last week. He was 42 when had his first one, that was years after he served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War. This is all trivial because what happened on Sunday had nothing to do with his past.

As he sat in his hospital bed recovering from his latest near death experience we gave him his iPad so that he could check on his great-grandchildren on Facebook. During his time browsing, a video popped up featuring The Blaze's fiery, conservative talk host Tomi Lahren. I snapped a photo of him and discussed with my cousin how funny it would be if I tweeted it to Tomi. I said I think she would share it, he was less optimistic.

We checked back a few minutes later to see if there was any interaction. There wasn't. A few likes, but nothing from Tomi. An hour or so went by and I opened my phone to see this. 

Tomi saw it and shared it on her page. The floodgates had opened and suddenly this innocent 86 year-old man became the subject of something I've never seen before. Hatred. Unapologetic hatred to a man people know nothing about other than he just had a heart attack, he's 86, and he watched a Tomi Lahern video on Facebook. Apparently on Twitter that means punishment by death as you can see below in just a few of the THOUSANDS of hateful tweets and mentions I received. 

This person wished him another heart attack.

This person was one of the many that labeled him a racist and expressed joy in his unfortunate medical condition. 

This person said he should die and go to hell.

This person assumed he has brain damage, but at least offered some prayers.

This person offered to kill him.

These are only a few of the hate-fueled messages and comments I've received over the past 24 hours. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I've heard about twitter trolls, but I do find it fascinating that these total strangers, who know nothing about this man could so quickly dismiss him as a human being. This is not a post about politics. It's about human decency. I'm happy to report that my grandfather is doing much better. Hopefully he can live long enough for people to find some respect once again. 

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