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Noah Syndergaard and Mr. Met Have Been Feuding for Months

As current Twitter feuds go, Donald Trump versus the media is unquestionably number 1.

I don't know what number 2 or 3 is, but number 4 is definitely New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard versus Mr. Met.

It's an emotional one, the details of which may shock you. It's ugly, gritty and emotional. 

For background: On New Year's Eve, the pitcher took to Twitter to express some of his year-end takeways:

Is there any chance Syndergaard and Mr. Met can work it out?

Not as long as the pitcher keeps making moves on Mrs. Met!

And Mr. Met hasn't taken this lying down; he's been jabbing Syndergaard right back at every turn. 

The feud bubbled up again on Valentine's Day. 

You'd think a mascot would take the high road, but you'd be wrong.

At that point you'd might think it's about to get ugly. But it's already been so ugly. Let's look back:

It's even causing fans to take sides!

Mrs. Met isn't exactly throwing water on the fire either, as you can see from her official Twitter bio.

You have to feel sorry for Mr. Met what with his marriage being threatened so publicly.

Fans have gotten involved too, Tweeting Syndergaard drawings of him prevailing over Mr. Met in their conflict.

The two even traded barbs over official team merchandise.

Then there were the opposite day Tweets:

What a mess.

Photo: Getty Images

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