Phil Jackson Compares Carmelo to NBA Bust

New York Knicks President love two things: winning championships and taking veiled shots at NBA players via the media.

So when "The Zen Master" Tweets, there's a good chance he intends for his followers to connect the dots.

Jackson's favorite target as of late has been his team's star player, Carmelo Anthony, an underachieving superstar who's never appeared to have the same competitive edge as many of his contemporaries.

Jackson, whose Twitter photo is indeed one of his 11 NBA Championship rings, was referring to former Georgetown star Michael Graham who never made it as an NBA player. Jackson coached Graham on the Albany Patroons of the Continental Basketball Association in the '80s.

As far as the reference to not changing the "spot on a leopard," Jackson is probably referring to Anthony's tendency to be a ball-stopper when he's playing offense.

And "Bleacher's Ding" refers to an article in Bleacher Report by writer Kevin Ding that is critical of Anthony and the Knicks' failure to build a successful team around him.

Photo: Getty Images