How To Prepare For A Winter Storm: The Ultimate Guide And Must-Haves


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The forecast is calling for a bomb cyclone in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic this weekend with 12-18 inches of snow expected in certain areas of the tri-state. In order to prepare yourself for the storm, here's a list of the must-haves before you're snowed in!

1. Gather Supplies

It is important to stay off the roads in wintery conditions, which means you should think ahead of what you could possibly need incase of an emergency. This includes stocking up on water, food, medicine, and other essential items. created this helpful graphic to keep you equipped with everything you may need.


2. Stay Warm

It is important to wear multiple layers of dry clothing should you need to go out into the snow. It is recommended to change out of wet clothing to keep your body temperature high and to avoid hypothermia. Make sure you have snow boots, jackets, hats, gloves, and plenty of layers on deck.

3. Prepare Your Car

Although you should stay off the roads during a winter storm, in case of an emergency where you need to leave your home, you will want to make sure that gas tank is FULL and that you have extra warm clothes and blankets in your car.

4. Prepare Your Home

To avoid significant damage to your home, be sure to wrap all external pipes, clean out rain gutters, and trim loose or overhanging branches. Dig your shovels and snow blowers out of the garage ahead of time. It is also important to not that winter storms sometimes bring power outages as well, so make sure you break out a generator if you have one or collect fire wood prior to the storm.

5. Get Cozy

This is a fun one! Snow storms = staying in your PJs all day, binging movies, playing board games, doing puzzles, and drinking hot cocoa! Enjoy some well deserved relaxation time while the snow creates a beautiful wintery scene outside.

Be prepared and get all the storm updates here.

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