Horrifying Video Of a Carjacking In a Westport, Connecticut Garage

A Westport resident was followed by two masked men as he pulled into his garage on Bayberry Lane, assaulted and robbed of his Aston Martin, police said. The Westport Police Detective Bureau is investigating and anyone with information is asked to call 203-341-6080.

Police released home security video footage of the incident  captured inside the Bayberry Lane resident's garage around 3:50 p.m Sunday. Police said they believe the victim was targeted and followed home. 

He appeared to struggle with them again as the engine of the car roared to life, holding onto the door and warning them they would rip the door off, according to the video footage.

“Call the police now," the owner appeared to yell to someone who was inside the house.

At that point, the two assailants appeared to grab and shove the owner but he continued to try to fight them off, the video showed.

As he struggled with one suspect, who appeared to punch him repeatedly, the other assailant hopped in the driver's seat of the convertible, the video showed.

Video below:

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