Angry 50 Cent Seriously Injures a Fan Throwing Mic Into Crowd

A frustrated 50 Cent hurled a broken microphone into the audience at his latest concert and left one fan with a gruesome head injury.

Production handed the “In Da Club” rapper several broken mics throughout his performance at the arena in LA Wednesday, and it appeared to take a toll on him just as he joined rapper YG on stage.

Footage of the violent moment shows 50 taking the mic and launching it into the crowd.

Although the video does not show where the device landed, Power 106 host radio Bryhana Monegain says it hit her square in the forehead, causing a gruesome injury.

Photos obtained by the Neighborhood Talk show Monegain with bloodstains on her face from the gash.

It appears doctors stitched up the wound and wrapped her forehead with plenty of gauze.

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