Watch Football Star Donald Trump Throw a Great Pass In 1992

In a 1992 video former President Donald Trump was shown throwing a football through a small target at a charity event with various NFL greats. It happened at Pilot Field in Buffalo — at a fundraiser hosted by legendary Bills quarterback Jim Kelly. The event was emceed by NBC’s Cris Collinsworth and Paul Maguire.

“Are you nervous?” Maguire asked.

“Nervous as hell,” Trump admitted.

But nonetheless, the future president stepped up, reared back, and fired a pass — seeming to be from a distance of 10-15 yards — through an opening not much bigger than the size of a football. The crowd went wild, as Trump got high-fives from Maguire and Collinsworth, and was embraced by then-girlfriend Marla Maples.

“HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!” Collinsworth exclaimed, in evident shock.

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