The Real Reason Jimmy Kimmel Is Going Into Hiding

Jimmy Kimmel has been facing backlash after a 1996 recording of the comedian using the n-word has surfaced.

Fox News reported that in a song for the KROQ deejays Kevin and Bean'sA Family Christmas in Your A**album, Kimmel impersonated Snoop Dogg for a song called "Christmastime in the LBC." In the track, Kimmel raps lines such as "fat [n-word] in a slay, giving s**ts away" and "Me and my [n-word] down in LBC, we'll smoke that m*********n' Christmas tree."

Fox also cites a podcast interview Kimmel gave with Adam Carolla, where he talks about impersonating Black comedian George Wallace after the 2001 Friars Club Roast of Hugh Hefner, which was broadcast on Comedy Central.

Blackface Sketches onThe Man Show

Kimmel also recently came under fire after sketches where he played NBA star Karl Malone onThe Man Show,which starred Kimmel and Carolla from 1999 to 2003. In the sketch, Kimmel impersonates Malone discussing aliens, while wearing blackface.

Detroit Pistons Joke

During an appearance on ABC's broadcast of the 2004 NBA Championship between the Los Angeles Lakers and Detroit Pistons, Kimmel made a quip referencing violence in Detroit following the Tigers' World Series win in 1984. "They're gonna burn the city of Detroit down if the Pistons win, and it's not worth it," Kimmel said at halftime, according toEntertainment Weekly.Kimmel's latest episode was pulled by ABC, after Detroit local affiliate announced that it would not air it. Kimmel issued two apologies. In the first he joked about wanting to "overturn [his] own car" if the Lakers won the series, but the latter apology was more serious. "When you're 2,000 miles away from a city you've never lived in, it's hard to understand the sadness people feel from something that happened in their town — even if it happened many years ago. It was never my intention to cause anyone pain. I was trying to make a joke and I'm sorry it resulted in anything other than laughter," he said.

Ridiculing Melania Trump's Accent, An Insult To Immigrants

Kimmel made a crack about First Lady Melania Trump's accent during a 2018 monologue joke, sparking outrage from many including Fox News personality Sean Hannity. According to theChicago Tribune, Hannity called Kimmel a "despicable disgrace" and an "a** clown." Kimmel responded to Hannity's remarks by calling him the "whole a** circus" and said that he was "slobbering over" President Donald Trump. Kimmel later issued an apology saying that his wife and son had received death threats following the joke. He also said that he did not intend to "belittle or upset members of the gay community" with his jokes about Hannity. He did end his apology with one last sarcastic jab at Hannity. "I am hopeful that Sean Hannity will learn from this too and continue his newly-found advocacy for women, immigrants and First Ladies and that he will triumph in his heroic battle against sexual harassment and perversion," he wrote.

This is not the first time Kimmel has gone into hiding: