What a Difference - How Donald Trump Handled His First Debate Question

It's interesting to go back and watch this clip and see how much better Donald Trump was in his first debate than the disastrous Michael Bloomberg. 

It was the opening question for Donald Trump won and Megyn Kelly stunned everyone by opening the debate with an ugly 'kill shot' right at his head. It may have been a legitimate question and a valid topic, but she did it with such a ruthless ferocity and icy wording that was totally inappropriate for an opening question.

He handled it so skillfully for a novice answering his first question ever in a debate that it gave him instant credibility as a politician and set him on a path to total victory.

She never recovered, her vulturous side was suddenly exposed, most of the FOX audience never forgave her, liberals would never accept her and her coldness made it impossible to really connect with moderates. Her career has been steadily downhill from the 2 minute career ending mistake you see in this video: 

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