Mayor Adams Lashes Out After NYPD Officer Was Shot

Mayor Adams is furious after a New York City police officer was shot in the Bronx by a career criminal.

“The number of shootings that we are responding to every night is despicable,” Adams said.

Officer Dennis Vargas and his partner tried to talk to a man they spotted walking near Third Avenue and Claremont Parkway. The suspect, identified as 25-year-old Rameek Smith, began to run and then there was an exchange of gunfire. Vargas was shot in the arm and Smith was struck in the head and later died.

Adams said Smith had multiple prior arrests and was out on the street awaiting sentencing after he was caught in 2020 jumping a turnstile with a gun. The mayor said this is why he’s cracking down on fare evasion and why changes are needed to the state’s bail reform law.

“The same criminals are continuing to come out in our streets committing violence over and over again,” Adams said.

Officer Vargas was treated and released from the hospital.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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