The Newest Sensation: Sliwa On Broadway

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   As Election Day fast approaches, one mayoral candidate may be proposing a production of Guardian Angels over Broadway.

   Michael Riedel, co-host of the WOR 710AM Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning program, extended an invitation to Guardian Angels founder and GOP mayoral hopeful Curtis Sliwa to join him at the re-opening of Phantom of the Opera on October 22nd. Riedel has extended the same offer to Democrat candidate Eric Adams, but has yet to hear back from him.

   Sliwa, however, chose to issue an invitation of his own: "How about a competition- you, me, and Eric Adams, underneath a carousel, singing show tunes?" Riedel accepted the challenge, which Sliwa compared to the opening scene of Les Miserables. No word, however, on whether Sliwa would sing anything from Cats- a fitting choice, perhaps, for the owner of fifteen rescue cats. Sliwa has also proposed opening citywide no-kill animal shelters as part of his platform.

   Broadway crime and safety is not a new issue for Sliwa, whose Guardian Angels patrolled Times Square in the 80's: "All those fine restaurants (on 46th Street) almost closed because of the crack-cocaine epidemic... I've been married to the Broadway community for quite some time."

   Sliwa also discussed Adams and the city's growing crime rate, "He's lost a lot of his street cred hanging out in the Hamptons... he went to Monaco; who goes to Monaco but the rich and the elite?" Sliwa then rattled off a list of recent shooting in Brooklyn where he showed up but Adams, who was a two-term borough president, did not.

   Election Day is now less than three weeks away, and most polls predict Adams will have an easy path to victory in a city where Democrats outnumber Republicans 7-to-1.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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