WOR Remembers The 9/11 Attacks

Saturday marks 20 years since the 9/11 attacks

On the morning on September 11, 2001 the world forever changed. Nearly 3,000 people were killed with planes crashing into both buildings of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. In the 20 years since the attacks, many more have died of 9/11-related illnesses.

On Friday, "Len Berman and Michael Riedel" will talk to a number of special guests, including 9/11 advocate John Feal, retired Port Authority police officer David Lim and Jed Bernstein from the Broadway League. Also listen to Joe Bartlett's special coverage of the anniversary on Saturday at 8:30 a.m. It will feature interviews with the morning team that was on the air that day, including Ed Walsh, George Meade, Mara Rubin and Natalie Vacca.

There will also be special remembrances of 9/11 from many of the guests frequently heard on WOR.

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Listen to WOR's coverage of the 9/11 attacks

Former WOR reporter Mara Rubin interviews Mayor Rudy Giuliani shortly after the 9/11 attacks

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