Bonus Segment: Woman Donates Blood Plasma Twice a Week to Go Shopping

A self-confessed shopaholic has made more than $3,000 donating her plasma to fund her retail therapy habit. 20-year-old Carisa Barker has spent a year visiting a clinic twice a week to donate the protein-rich liquid found in blood in exchange for cash to bankroll her shopping sprees.

The student and part-time nanny makes $280 a month from her plasma and in one year she has raked in $3,360. Barker, of Salt Lake City, Utah, recommends the practice as an effortless way to make money. She said: “I would absolutely recommend it to people who are short of cash and want to go shopping. I donate plasma twice a week.”

“I get $20 the first time and $50 the next time,” Barker dished. “It’s just a little bit of extra money that I can spend that I don’t feel I worked very hard for.”

While blood donors are not offered money in exchange for their donations, plasma collection centers across the US offer payment in return for plasma.