Pet Sitter Busted On Nannycam Getting Naked, And Worse

California pet sitter was caught sitting naked on her client's new couch and taking her boyfriend into the bedrooms for alleged sexual encounters. Casey Brengle, 26, has been suspended from the popular pet sitter app Wag! after she was reported by a client.

The woman, Rosie Brown, had hired Brengle to watch over her two pups, Penny and Daisy, while she was in Louisiana for her cousin's wedding. Brengle had more than 200 five-star reviews and, at the time, seemed like a great fit to watch over the house for four days and take Brown's two dogs on long walks for the total price of $315.

Before she left, Brown even showed Brengle her doggie camera on the kitchen counter, which also shoots out treats. She received a notification from the camera and when she checked on it, the footage captured Brengle and her boyfriend kissing in the living room and going from the master bedroom to the guest bedroom. At one point they are seen locking the dogs outside the master bedroom.

The doggie camera also captured Brengle laying naked on Brown's couch, a couch that she just spent hundreds of dollars on. The company has since offered to pay Brown for cleaning services and a locksmith.