Pelosi & Dem Leaders Reportedly Clash Over Impeachment

A war brewing inside the Democratic party? Maybe. Sources say that members of the House Democratic leadership are urging Speaker Nancy Pelosi to start impeachment proceedings against President Trump. Word is that Pelosi continues to push back against the idea.

Pelosi is said to be at odds with Representatives David Cicilline (of Rhode Island), Jamie Raskin (of Maryland) and Joe Neguse (of Colorado) – who are all said to be pushing Pelosi to start proceedings. But she’s not alone in her “wait and see” approach. Connecticut’s Rosa DeLauro is backing Pelosi up – saying doing so would drown out the party's message.

Apparently, the real push for impeachment proceedings is intended to overcome the White House stonewalling as House committees attempt to conduct oversight of the government. Word on the Hill is that Pelosi told them they have not yet exhausted all other means of getting the White House to comply, pointing to a court ruling Democrats won yesterday.

Source: ABC News