Bonus Segment: World's Most Expensive Cup Of Coffee Is $75 A Cup

Coffee drinkers know that sometimes getting a cuppa joe can be pricey, but some aficionados are willing to shell out the big bucks for the good stuff. But how much is TOO much? Now in California, a single cup of coffee at Klatch Coffee's new San Francisco location just sold for $75!

The high dollar brew has such a big price tag because it’s made from Elida Geisha Natural, a single-source organic coffee bean that brought in a record $803-per-pound at auction and costs close to $1,200 a pound after roasting.

As for Klatch, they bought 10-pounds of the beans, which they served up at a recent coffee tasting. If you missed the event and would still like to sip on the world’s most expensive coffee, Klatch is selling the beans online for $75 for 18-grams (which is barley a half ounce).

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