Audience Member Calls The Cops On Comedian Ahmed Ahmed

An Egyptian-American comedian named Ahmed Ahmed told a joke had the cops called on him after a stand-up set in Florida!

He asked the audience of mostly older white people “How many people here are from the Middle East?”

When a few people clapped, he says he quipped, “Well, it only takes one of us …” — then, after a laugh break, continued, “… to tell a joke!”

He then added, “But seriously, lock the doors.”

The person who called the cops on Ahmed didn't give his name and asked the audience if anybody hails from his region

“And a whole bunch of people raised their hands and said, ‘I’m from Iraq, I’m from Iran.’ And he said, ‘We could organize our own little terrorist organization.’ And I don’t think that was right,” the caller said.

“I just thought it was terrible. My wife and I looked at each other and felt very uncomfortable.”

Before their mothers day show two cops where sent to the club to speak with Ahmed.

“The club manager came up to me with an embarrassed look on his face,” said Ahmed, who now lives in Malaysia.

“I thought, is this a joke? I thought there might be cameras outside and Ashton Kutcher is going to jump out and say, ‘You’re punk’d!’” he said.

Instead, the officers “politely” asked him a couple of questions and left.

“They were really nice,” Ahmed said. “They told me, ‘Don’t change your material.’”