Judge Suppresses Video In Kraft Solicitation Case

May be the middle of Spring—not like you can tell from the weather—but the Patriots are still doing what they do best.

At least owner Robert Kraft sure is after scoring a legal victory of Super Bowl proportions yesterday when a Florida judge suppressed video evidence that allegedly shows the New England Patriots owner paying for sex acts inside a spa.

And that will substantially weaken the government’s case.

In a 10-page ruling in Palm Beach County, Judge Leonard Hanser sided with Kraft’s lawyers, who had argued the warrant Jupiter, Florida police obtained to secretly install cameras inside the Orchids of Asia Day Spa was flawed.

“Defendant’s motion to suppress is granted and all evidence obtained against defendant through and in connection with the search warrant is suppressed,” Hanser wrote.

And just like the Patriots are used to, it was the right call.

Unless you can justify a Police Department that is supposed to prevent fraud calling in a phony ‘suspicious package’ warning to the Spa in order to force an evacuation so they could install hidden cameras inside several of its private massage rooms and lobby.

It doesn’t just violate the Patriot owner… pretty sure it even violates the Patriot act.

It wasn’t immediately clear if State Attorney Dave Aronberg’s office would appeal Hanser’s ruling, continue prosecuting the case against Kraft without the footage, or drop the charges.

But the more this footage and how it was obtained is dragged through the news cycle, the more it seems the Jupiter Police Department are the ones who were caught with their pants down now.

Source: Boston Globe

Photo Credit: Getty Images