Sharon Stone Relives “Basic Instinct” For “Vogue” Cover

For "Vogue Portugal’s" May 2019 “Sex Issue,” Sharon Stone revived one of her most iconic big-screen moments. She can be seen in black and white recreating the scene from the 1992 movie “Basic Instinct.”

Although she slipped back into the role, she’s revealed that she’s tired of reliving the moment. Basically, if you’re ever going to interview the actress, don’t ask any questions about “Basic Instinct.” “I am sick of talking about basic instinct. I have so many other real accomplishments, it just seems lazy to me,” she explains.

“There are so many other valuable things to discuss,” she adds. “For example: can we all simply choose not to be afraid of this new dictator mentality and remember who we are and why we are here?”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Source: Vogue Portugal