Website Selling Items That Featuring Auschwitz

There is a market for just about anything online these days. You'll be amazed at what people are willing to sell and purchase. One such website has come under fire for some of the items they have up for sale. 

Redbubble is an online marketplace for independent artists and they are coming under fire for allowing products including throw pillows and mini skirts that feature images of the Nazi concentration and extermination camp.

The Auschwitz Memorial and Museum in Poland tweeted out condemning the items and the marketplace saying, “Do you really think that selling such products as pillows, mini skirts or tote bags with the images of Auschwitz - a place of enormous human tragedy where over 1,1 million people were murdered - is acceptable?” 

Redbubble responded to the museum by saying the nature of the content is not acceptable or in line with its community guidelines. They took the items down from their site. 

Source: The Hill