Tiger Woods Awarded Presidential Medal Of Freedom

Tiger Woods is the newest recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Woods was awarded the medal in a White House ceremony that took place in the Rose Garden.

Along the way, President Trump called Woods one of the "greatest athletes in the history of sports." He praised Woods as “a true legend” and a global symbol of American devotion and drive. Woods won the Masters this year after a major championship slump that lasted for years – following a very bumpy fall from grace that included a divorce, sex addiction therapy and multiple surgeries.

Back in the limelight and grateful – and tearful – Tiger remarked that he's honored to be part of a small group of golfers who have been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. "This has been an unbelievable experience," Woods said, thanking his family, including his late father. He later added via Twitter: “It’s an incredible privilege to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Considering the recipients, history, and what this means to me and my family, it’s also very humbling. Thank you all for your support and I hope this inspires others to never give up on their dreams.”

Source: White House