Dems Walk Back Mueller Testify Date, Trump Gives Thumbs Down To Testimony

First came word that House Democrats had secured the testimony of Special Counsel Robert Mueller on or before May 15th. But then, the tune changed. At least for Representative David Cicilline, who turned up on “Fox News Sunday” to say he hopes Mueller will testify before the House.

The Rhode Island Democrat clarified comments he made when he said the House Judiciary Committee had come to a tentative date for Mueller to testify, noting that an official from Mueller's office agreed to the date.

Following the interview, Cicilline took to Twitter so say that "we are aiming to bring Mueller in on the 15th, but nothing has been agreed to yet." Dems are looking to have Mueller clarify the characterizations of AG William Barr – both about the summary of the report…and their contact over it. Trump previously said Barr should be the one to give Mueller the go-ahead to testify...he's now hitting back at the entire concept.

Source: USA Today