All About Tootsie

"Robert Horn, Tony-nominated for his snappy book to “Tootsie,” knows all too well what it’s like to scrape out a living in New York while trying to break into the theater. He never played a tomato, as did Michael Dorsey, the struggling actor at the center of “Tootsie,” but, “growing up dirt poor on the streets of New York,” he had one scrappy job after another: bartender at the Uris (now Gershwin) Theatre, garbage collector in Bryant Park and popcorn salesman at a movie theater on Third Avenue in 1982, where he saw “Tootsie” a dozen times.

“I knew I wanted to be in the theater from the time I saw my first musical, ‘70, Girls, 70,’ in 1971, and nothing was going to stop me,” he tells me.

He can put the popcorn-counter career on hold for a bit. “Tootsie” is shaping up to be a very big hit,with 11 Tony nominations, including Best Musical."

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