Trump, Dems Focus On Two-Trillion For Infrastructure

Just because they’ve been jabbing at each other in the media and online doesn’t mean that Democrats and President Trump can’t work some things out. In fact, they’re agreeing on the need to spend two-trillion dollars for infrastructure.

Trump hosted a meeting with top Democrats at the White House yesterday – and afterwards? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called it a “very productive meeting.” She said there was general agreement on the need to go "big and bold" on renovating highways, bridges, airports, rails and a host of other projects.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer agreed and called the meeting “very constructive” and made the point to mention that apparently, Trump would work with Dems in spite of the various investigations into him (to ask Schumer, House investigations didn’t come up at all). Still, it’s not totally smooth sailing: one tricky area will be how to pay for their plans. Apparently, that's a discussion that’s expected to start when the two sides get together again in about three weeks.

Source: Politico