"Sex Island" Returns – This Time In Nevada

Sex Island 2019 will be open for business on July 4th– this time, in Las Vegas. For four-days and three-nights, 50 horny guys with a spare $6-grand burning a hole in their pockets will be knee-deep in all the sex-worker magic they desire.

Interested? Log on to the official Sex Island website to more info…and if you want to, pay up. Once you’re registered, your pocket change gets you access to:

  • Pick-up and drop-off at McCarren Airport (you need your own airfare)
  • All meals, snacks, and booze included
  • Bedrooms with large closets, showers, and air conditioning
  • Unlimited sex with two girls per day(switching with other guests is permitted)
  • Activities like horseback riding, concerts, tours, and more
  • Wi-Fi
  • Unlimited condoms
  • Strip blackjack
  • Swing Volleyball
  • A poker tournament with a “special sexual surprise” for the winner
  • Knowledge that all the ladies have been tested for those unsavory STDs

While the site is not being disclosed, there WILL be 100 ladies there ready and willing. And P.S. it’s a marijuana-friendly environment, too.