Chaos Reigns In Venezuela As Maduro's Men Ram Protesters

Whether it’s true or not, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is claiming victory after violent clashes between his loyalists and forces backing opposition leader Juan Guaido. In a national address last night, Maduro said the protests by Guaido's supporters were an attempt to overthrow his government – and that it’s been defeated.

Maduro also blamed the U.S. for backing the protests – and that’s true – as Guaido was duly elected as the legitimate leader of Venezuela. Something Maduro has refused to acknowledge. Still, it doesn’t appear that the fight is over at all. Guaido took to the airwaves last night as well…to tell the people that the country’s military is increasingly behind him – something news agencies shared, until the Maduro government took CNN and BBC off the air.

Either way, President Trump is threatening Cuba with a full and complete embargo and the highest-level of sanctions if its military does not immediately cease operations in the country. And while Russian soldiers are reportedly operating as well – and the government is mocking the United States’ support of Guaido – one fact appears clear: the fight of the people is not over at all.

Source: New York Times