Joe Biden Announces He's Running For President

With a video that focuses on integrity, getting rid of hate, and remembering that “we are America,”Joe Biden is officially running for the office of President.

He joins a field of 19 other candidates vying for votes, but is by far in front of the pack, according to polls. The former VP will hit the ground running with a stop in blue collar Pittsburgh Monday, but his first interview on TV will be Friday with “The View.”

Biden is striking a chord with his blunt observations that the upcoming election is a “battle for the soul of America,” and championing decency. "Vice President Biden believes to his core that you can disagree politically on a lot and still work together on issues of common cause, especially issues as essential as the fight against cancer," says a campaign spokesman.

The biggest hurdle facing Biden is allegations of women being made to feel uncomfortable by him.

Source: ABC News