Democrats Not Committing On Impeachment Following Conference Call

House Democrats are pushing the brakes on talk of impeaching President Trump following the release o f the Mueller report last week. In a conference call, Democratic leaders reportedly refused to commit to beginning impeachment proceedings.

As you’ll recall, Special Counse lRobert Mueller detailed instances of possible obstruction of justice in his final report. But he essentially said he couldn’t make final conclusion – allowing Congress to make that decision. In the conference call, some Democrats reportedly pushed for impeachment, saying the report presents enough evidence for them to act now. But party leaders in the House – including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi– are urging patience. This, while vowing to launch aggressive and extensive investigations in House committees.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is acknowledging there is a divide among Democrats on impeaching President Trump. In a letter to House Democrats, Pelosi says "we all firmly agree that we should proceed down a path of finding the truth."

Source: CNBC