Schiff: Mueller Report Is Not Vindication For Trump

As the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee sees it, the Mueller report does not vindicate President Trump in any way, shape or form. Talking with reporters in California, Congressman Adam Schiff instead called it a “condemnation.”

The California Democrat went on to say that a number of aspects of the Mueller report were "damning” and that it raises legitimate questions about whether President Trump tried to obstruct justice. Still, Schiff said it is up to lawmakers to continue the investigation. But he’s not alone. In an earlier news briefing, New York Democrat Jerry Nadler called the report a “roadmap for Congress.” Nadler chairs the House Judiciary Committee.

Both Nadler and Schiff say Democrats will continue to demand access to Mueller's full, unredacted report – something top lawmakers will see next week. Meantime, Schiff accuses Attorney General Bill Barr of misrepresenting key parts of the Mueller report, saying he committed a "grave disservice to the country."

Source: C-SPAN

Photo Credit: Getty Images