Bonus Segment: 41 Pound Cat In NYC

Meet fat cat Barsik who weights in at 41 pounds! It puts him near the world record weight although Guinness World Records stopped the category of heaviest cat in 1998 to “deter people from over-feeding their pets."

"Once any medical issues are sorted out and we have a vet-supervised weight loss plan in place, we will likely make him available for adoption once he is steadily losing weight and at a safe pace,” Angelique Iuzzolino, Barsik’s foster mom said. “This may be a month or two, we just aren't sure yet. Our priority is his well-being and [we’re] not in a hurry to rush him out the door. We do know that any adopter will have to be dedicated to sticking with his plan and helping him get to a healthy weight,” she continued.

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