Report: Prosecutors Seek Up To Ten Months Jail Time For Felicity Huffman

Lori Loughlin is facing 40 years up the river and fighting the charges all the way, many have wondered what prosecutors would seek for Felicity Huffman…who threw herself on a sword and a guilty plea. Now we know.

Sources say Huffman could spend four to ten months behind bars. Huffman and over a dozen other parents pleaded guilty last week to a charge of conspiracy to commit fraud. While Huffman reserves the right to argue for a range of no jail time to six months, it’s ultimately up to a judge.

Huffman has been accused of paying 15-thousand-dollars to have someone fix the answers on her daughter’s SAT test. In a statement last week, Huffman said she's filled with "deep regret and shame" over her actions and will accept the consequences.

As for Loughlin, it’s not expected to be such an easy –or quiet – road. Aside from pleading “not guilty” along with her fashion designer husband Mossimo Giannulli, Loughlin is said to be “outraged” that she’s been portrayed as a cheater.

Source: CBS News