Bonus Segment: "Massive" 17 Foot Python Found In Florida With 73 Eggs

We've got ourselves a record. A national preserve in South Florida has reported catching a python that was more than 17 feet long and weighed 140 pounds. The female reptile is the largest ever caught at Big Cypress National Preserve. It was also carrying 73 developing eggs at the time. The invasive Burmese python hybrid can now be found across more than 1,000 square miles of South Florida.

The snakes can grow to 23 feet in length and weigh 200 pounds and are causing major ecological problems in the area. They have no natural hunter that could keep these snakes in check. Authorities are now using radio transmitters to track male pythons and then those locations are used to find breeding females.

Florida allows hunters each year to track down these snakes in order to try and keep the population from growing. 

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