Giant Inflatable Boobs Popping Up Around The UK

If you’re a fan of giant boobs, then a trip to the UK should be in your immediate future. To be fair, we’re talking about giant,inflatable boobs that’ve been randomly popping out around London.

They air-filled knockers range from 9 to 18-feet in size, and have been seen in a variety of skin tones. Even though they went up on April Fool’s Day, there’s a point to them – and we’re not talking about the nipple.

“We know the giant boobs will raise a few eyebrows, but we want to make sure no one overlooks the way that this stigma has been used to repress women,” Tania Boler, CEO of Elvie said.

It’s all part of the #FreeTheFeed campaign, trying to empower women to “feel safe and comfortable breast-feeding and pumping anywhere, anytime, and encourage the British public to support them.”