Another Accuser For Biden Doesn't Mean He's Reconsidering 2020 Plans

Former Vice President Joe Biden's decision on whether to run for president isn't being impacted by what is now two accusations of inappropriate behavior. Word is that the former VP is not reassessing his 2020 plans (though he has not made a final decision yet).

Former Nevada Assemblywoman Lucy Flores, says that Biden placed his hands on her shoulders, smelled her hair and “planted a slow kiss” the back of her head back in 2014. But now,a Connecticut woman has come forward, charging that back in 2009, Biden pulled her in and rubbed noses with her during an event. Both women said the incidents crossed the line...but also, that they don’t believe there was malintent.

While Biden hasn’t stepped out with a significant pushback (outside of releasing a statement), folks in his camp are certainly in attack mode – going after his detractors. And while the already-declared Dem candidates have said in unison that they believe the women,one major player is stepping out to say that the accusations aren’t a disqualifier. “I do not,” says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “I don’t think that this disqualifies him from being president. Not at all.”

Source:ABC 15

Photo Credit: Getty Imag