Congressman Peter King Defends John McCain

Congressman Peter King says Senator John McCain was “a great patriot” and President Trump should stop criticizing him.

King told WOR’s “Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning” that this started when Trump said McCain wasn’t a hero because he was captured.

“To say that John McCain was not a patriot, I think that cut very deep with John McCain,” King said.

Trump has repeatedly criticized McCain since launching his presidential campaign in 2015, but has stepped up his attacks in recent days.Trump said he never liked McCain and was never thanked for giving the late Senator the funeral that he wanted.

“If John McCain’s not a hero, than no one’s a hero,” King said.

King said McCain shouldn’t have passed on the dossier that included allegations against Trump, but the Congressman said that’s not enough to carry on a feud after his passing.