Prosecutors Pushing To Have Kraft Admit Guilt

A report says prosecutors in Florida will drop the prostitution charges against New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, but with some unusual conditions. Prosecutors say they’ll dismiss the solicitation charges against Kraft and the other men charged if they admit they would have been proven guilty at trial.

On top of that? The defendant would have to take a screening for sexually transmitted diseases, complete an educational course on prostitution, perform 100 hours of community service and pay for some court costs.

The timing is key – as Kraft has an arraignment coming up next week. And while Kraft’s legal team has declined to comment, someone else hasn’t. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell hasreportedly received a letter signed by 19 survivors of sexual abuse and 60 organizations that fight sexual exploitation urging the commissioner to ban Kraft from the NFL if he is found guilty of soliciting sex.

Source: ESPN