Meghan McCain, "View" Unloads On Trump

President Trump spent a good part of his weekend on Twitter – going after a number of people who seem to regularly annoy him. Among them? Someone who hasn’t done anything in a long while…Senator John McCain, who passed away last September.

As she took her seat at the table on yesterday’s edition of ABC’s “The View,”Meghan McCain appeared to be seething. And while her initial online response to Trump’s commentary was measured – she and her co-hosts took off their gloves with the cameras on.

McCain said that, unlike her dad, “Trump will never be a great man” and noted that her father was a solid family man and pointedly suggested that Trump spend more weekend time with his family instead of "obsessing" over her dad. She also called Trump’s life “pathetic,” noting that her father was Trump’s “kryptonite in life, he’s his kryptonite in death.”