Couple Accidentally Buys Crumbling Mansion

A young couple accidentally bought a derelict 120-year-old mansion instead of a two-bedroom flat that they had originally bid on at auction. It was a massive mix up at the auction house that landed them with the crumbling mansion for $39,733 instead of the two-bedroom apartment they were hoping for.

Cal Hunter and Claire Segeren didn't realize that the property they bid on was being sold in three lots instead of one and they mistakenly bid on the wrong lot number. However, the couple called the mix-up a "beautiful mistake" after falling in love with the crumbling Jameswood Villa in Dunoon, Scotland.

They hope to turn it into three apartments and rent two out in order to pay off their mortgage. Experts suggested that they tear the house down and start from scratch but the pair is dedicated to fixing up what they have.