Trump's Busy Weekend On Twitter: Goes After McCain, Media…And "SNL" Rerun

President Trump has had quite the weekend on Twitter. Not only has he reignited his old criticisms of late Senator John McCain, he was attacking GM, Unions, Robert Mueller, the news media at large (even Fox News), Hillary Clinton, and more. He even went after a repeat episode of NBC’s “SNL.”

  • On McCain: Trump posted that "last in his class" McCain sent a dossier to the FBI and media hoping to have it published before the election. The infamous Steele Dossier, as it's known, contains unproven allegations of Russian collusion among other salacious claims. Trump also accused McCain of working with the Democrats in an effort to discredit him.
  • Trump also posted a quote from former independent counsel Ken Starr, calling the “dossier a dark stain against John McCain” and blasted McCain for voting against the GOP effort to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act.
  • As for “SNL,” Trump writes that shows like that "can spend all of their time knocking the same person (me) over and over without so much of a mention of the other side. Same with Late Night Shows." He also mused about the possibility of the Federal Election Commission or the FCC “looking into this.” For the record, “SNL” is off for two weeks and the show that aired this past weekend a rerun from December 15th. The show had a parody of "It's A Wonderful Life," which looked into what life would be like if President Trump had never won the election in 2016.

When Asawin Suebsaeng of “The Daily Beast” asked the White House "if Donald Trump's manic retweets and tweets over the past 12 hours 'speak for themselves,'" and Sarah Sanders told him, "Yes."

Source: White House