Revamped Beatlejuice Coming To Broadway

"A Washington Post critic sprayed a can of Raid on the out-of-town tryout of “Beetlejuice” last fall. Peter Marks called the $20 million musical “overcaffeinated, overstuffed and virtually charmless.”

“Beetlejuice,” named for the bawdy ghost of Tim Burton’s 1988 hit movie, was bound to have tasteless jokes, but Marks thought the musical tipped over into “foul directions.”

The show, he concluded, needed “a trip back to the lab where they fix musicals.”

And that’s exactly where it went.

A source tells me that director Alex Timbers sat down with the creative team and went through the show “beat by beat,” expunging all that was tasteless, lewd and inappropriate in the post-#MeToo era. He also demanded better jokes and songs."

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