Mass Shooting At Two Mosques In Christchurch New Zealand

Horror is unfolding in Christchurch, New Zealand. Attackers descended two mosques during Friday prayers and opened fire. At last check, 40 are confirmed dead with nearly 100 more transported to local hospitals.

New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush has confirmed four arrests and also revealed that there were multiple explosive devices on vehicles that police stopped, but those bombs have been rendered safe. Even more sickening? The commissioner has acknowledged footage posted online that appears to show video of the shooting from one of the gunmen's point of view.

Apparently, one of the gunmen live-streamed at least part of the attack. For the moment, officials are encouraging the public to shelter in place – and certainly, to avoid all mosques across the country until they can give a true “all clear.” In the meantime, as the investigation continues, police say they are working to have the footage of the attack taken down.

Source: 1 News Now

Photo Credit: Getty Images