FAA No Basis To Ground Boeing 737 MAX

The FAA says it has no evidence that would warrant grounding the Boeing 737 MAX airliner after last weekend's crash in Ethiopia. The agency says it's been reviewing all data on the popular jet, but hasn't found any systemic performance issues that would provide a basis for grounding it. A number nations around the world grounded all flights on that aircraft yesterday because of safety concerns.

Still, if any issues come up that affect the plane's airworthiness, the FAA says it will take action. Countries around the world have grounded the Boeing 737 MAX following last weekend's crash that left over 150 people dead. It was the second deadly crash involving the plane in six months. Meanwhile… there are reports that American pilots have been complaining about the Boeing 737 MAX airplanes for months.

The “Dallas Morning News” reports that one captain called the flight manual "inadequate and almost criminally insufficient." The Morning News said it found five complaints about the model in the federal database. The complaints are about the same safety mechanism cited in preliminary reports of the Indonesia crash in October that killed 189 people. Only the United States and Canada are still allowing those jets to fly in large numbers.

Source: CNBC

Photo Credit: Getty Images