Ethiopian Airlines Flight Crashes, More Than 150 On Board

More than 150 people are dead including eight Americans after an Ethiopian Airlines flight crashed en route to Nairobi yesterday. The plane, a Boeing 737, went down around 8:45am local time with 149 passengers and eight crew members. The crash took place around 40 miles outside of the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa.

According to local media reports, the plane was carrying passengers from 33 countries. Interestingly, the aircraft was the same type of plane that crashed off the coast of Indonesia last October, which left 189 passengers and crew dead.

Meanwhile, the United States is sending a team to help with the investigation into the crash. National Transportation Safety Board is reportedly sending four people to assist in the aftermath – but they haven’t said when the crew will head to the site of the crash.We’ll keep you posted.

Source: USA Today