WATCH: Taco Bell Employees Attack Customer

A bunch of people at a Taco Bell in Philadelphia had been complaining last week after they had to wait for 45 minutes for their food. Not clear on what the hold up was but people were angry.

Sure enough, a 38-year-old guy named Bryan Reese walked in with his girlfriend at that time and it seems the employees were convinced that he was one of the people who was bitching and moaning the whole time because about a half-dozen staff members hopped the counter and started beating the crap out of him. He tried to run away, but they chased him outside and ended up putting him in a headlock while still pounding him. They didn't stop with him either, they also attacked his girlfriend.

Bryan's friend got it on video and all the employees involved have been fired while the rest of the staff is going through additional training. Bryan says Taco Bell has been slow to respond and all the owner offered him was a $20 gift card to make up for it. So he's planning to press charges, and one can assume a lawsuit is probably in the works.